Women’s and Children’s health

The Chaudhary Foundation believes healthy women will create a wealthy world — women’s health is a major factor to help improve the health of the family, the community and, ultimately, the world. Chaudhary Foundation is tackling some of the largest health issues that women in Nepal face through two initiatives.

This project supports SDGs:

Despite the trend for Nepali women’s overall life expectancy increasing, they still lack access to health facilities, hygiene, sanitation and adequate education — creating problems in both their lives and society as a whole. To solve these problems, Chaudhary Foundation has organized health camps that combine education with skill development training to produce low cost sanitary napkins, as well as a commitment towards Family Planning 2020.

The skill development training aimed to improve personal and menstrual hygiene, build confidence and empower girls and women in the community, while also producing eco-friendly, reusable and low-cost sanitary napkins The main goal of the project is to both uplift women’s health through creating access to facilities and products that are affordable, and it empowered them with creating livelihoods.