Storm Relief (2019)

Bara Storm

After a powerful windstorm hit southern Nepal on Mar. 31, 2019- at least 27 were confirmed dead, hundreds injured and thousands more left without food, water, and shelter.
In immediate response to the storm, Chaudhary Foundation sent its disaster response team (DRT) to Bara district, which is one of the worst-hit places alongside Parsa. The foundation — in partnership with CG Foods and Lions Club International — distributed supplies to 400 families in the Chainpur ward in Feta, a rural municipality. Each of the 500 supply bags contained Wai Wai bhujia packets, 5 kg of rice, 2 kg of daal, potatoes, onions, 2 kg of beaten rice, 1 kg of salt, half a liter of mustard oil, mosquito nets, mattress, tarps, flashlights and matchsticks — all of the items were deemed necessary by local first responders. The foundation plans to provide more supplies as the need arises.

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Nawalpur Storm Relief

Another Windstorm in Nawalpur district on 21st May-2019 caused massive damage to many households. Hundreds of houses left without roofs and people were living with the critical danger of ongoing storms. In an immediate response, Chaudhary Foundation immediately responded within 24 hours to windstorm affected areas and handed over 100 bundles of CGI sheets to victims in coordination with the local governments and the authority.

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