NSB in Jumla

The nutritional status of children in Jumla is below the national standard, which is why the two projects that have been incubated in Jumla focus on reducing undernourishment in children ages 0 to 59 months — aligning with Nepal’s goal to reduce malnutrition one percent by 2030 — and promoting sustainable produce. Both projects provide nutritious foods and their market promotion, which helps reduce hunger and provide access to nutritious products across the country.

Karnali Miteri Udhyog

Karnali Miteri Udhyog is a community-owned factory that produces and fortifies food to contain the “right” micronutrients, reach the “right” families and educate people about the “right” food habits. It focuses on producing nutritious ready-to-eat food for children and pregnant women — like cookies, super flour and nutritional bars — at affordable prices. Its ultimate goal is to solve malnutrition at the local level. To date, Karnali Miteri Udhyog has sold around 150 kilograms of super flour and more than 1,000 muffins to schools in Kudari, where over 300 students have benefited.

“Malnutrition is a problem that is related to the future of children — when a child is suffering from malnutrition he/she cannot be physically and mentally strong as other children and cannot contribute equally in the society.”
— Ratan Yogi , the Municipality Chair

Organic Phalphul Tatha Khadya Udhyog

Located in Chandannath Village Development Committee, this project produces organic dried apples, black beans, lentils and other organic products. It aims to produce and provide healthy, nutritious and organic food products to Jumla, as well as other districts. This project works towards raising awareness on organic farming, while also encourage local farmers to get involved in modern agriculture practices. They have currently sold more than 100 kilograms of dried apple slices, more than 800 kilograms of fresh apples and over 1,200 kilograms of simi daal.