Nepal Social Business (NSB)

Nepal Social Business (NSB) is a joint initiative of Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) and Chaudhary Group (CG). The partnership, which started in July 2014, aims to address various issues faced by Nepal through developing social businesses. This is made possible through increased awareness, incubation and investment in businesses across the country. NSB’s ultimate goal is to reduce poverty by investing in sustainable and ethical businesses that run in a socially impactful way.

As a result, more than 100 entrepreneurs have been trained and 33 projects have been incubated. Out of those 33 projects, 12 projects have received investments — 10 of which are in the Mid-Western Development Region and two are in the Far Western Development Region of Nepal.

Enterprise development, which takes place in six of Nepal’s districts, addresses relevant social issues and aims to reduce poverty levels through the advancement of social businesses within an area. The enhanced economic status of people living in those areas, as well as the employment that is consequently created by social business efforts, is vital to reaching Nepal’s target of reducing poverty to below six percent by 2030.

Work ethics, values and aspiration for economic growth are themes incorporated in the incubation training, as well as the daily running of the businesses. These themes are monitored through a social impact matrix, which ensures the business to run in a more socially impactful and ethical way.

This project supports SDGs:

Three incubation batches have been organized since June 2014. The first batch of pilot projects started in July 2014 in Jumla. The second started in June 2015 in Dadeldhura and Dang. Eleven projects were incubated in December 2016 during the third batch in Dolpo and six are being invested.

First Batch, 2014


Second Batch, 2015

Dang and Dadeldhura

Third Batch, 2016