Newsletter Vol 01 No. 01
August 15 - Septembert 14, 2016

From Foundation’s Desk

Chaudhary foundation is the philanthropic wing of Chaudhary Group. Its vision is to be a leading contributor to Corporate Social Responsibility in the region. Our approach comprises Society, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and the Environment. Foundation is proudly serving the community under various Livelihood & Skill Development programs, Enterprise Development, Education, Heritage & Spiritual Development programs and Disaster Response.

It has been an amazing journey post earthquake to build almost 2600 transition shelters so far. It is an honor to be working with many organizations globally and nationally. What an opportunity for us to be connected with so many beautiful hearts across the world who helped us reaching us this far. Once, again on behalf of Chaudhary foundation we’d like to thank all of our partners who visited us and those affected by earthquake, to all those who visited the community along with our team and work hand in hand and we would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all our friends and partners who sent help and support in expanding the horizon of humanity.

Social Business is the core initiative of Chaudhary Foundation. We have initiated CG Nepal Social Business project in year 2012. After three years of our experience and involvement in this sector we were able to celebrate first world Nepal social business day in Nepal on June 28th. The program was a big success with participation of various organizations including many entrepreneurs that CG Nepal business has incubated. All participants, guests and dignitaries are highly appreciated for your warm acceptance in observing our program. It was an honor to exhibit our social business project in an auspicious day of world social business day. We wish all Social business owners, entrepreneurs and donors around the world a very Happy World Social Business day.

This year is a new journey for us. Our CSR capacity and our work have been entrusted by our partners, government and above all by beneficiaries in both post earthquake community and our Social business region in Mid West and Far West Nepal. We are projecting to invest more projects this year through Nepal Social Business. On the other hand we are developing new programs in various sectors such as skill development through Polytech and livelihood through Unnati Program. We are moving towards the vision of corporate social responsibility with lots of joy. Our recent Monitoring Visits in various CG Ashraya site has inspired us to work immensely on behalf of earthquake victims. We are profoundly delighted enlightening ourselves in human service and enlightening our community and our country Nepal.

Thank you

Chaudhary Foundation