Newsletter Vol 01 No. 01
August 15 - Septembert 14, 2016

We are able to reach to the hearts of the people:

Rannu Sharma

Rannu Sharma is a telecom engineer who has been working in CG Telecom, one of the business wings of Chaudhary Group since 2004 as a project manager. After the devastating earthquake Mr. Sharma is actively involved in arranging field level activities to accomplish the task of constructing the transitional shelters for the earthquake victims under CG Ashraya Project. Mr. Sharma is managing human resources, logistics and coordination with staffs in the village for successful execution of transition shelter. This project has already constructed more than 2500 transition shelter and handed over to the victims of the earthquake. CG Communication team met with Mr. Rannu about his experiences, challenges and excitement about the project.

How a telecom engineer is enjoying with this new job?

It was always within me that I have to do something for my community. When the massive earthquake devastated lives of many the sense of responsibility was bigger as my countrymen were in pain. For Chaudhary Foundation to initiate such a project was really humbling. Moreover, when I was given this responsibility, my heart was pumped up and I felt that this is the life time opportunity for me and our foundation to be a humanitarian organization. I am overwhelmed with the job and I am doing my best to make sure that people have a roof where they could feel safe and secure. On the other hand I am anxiously waiting to resume my regular duty.

So, will you tell us about the status of CG Ashraya Project?

We have successfully constructed 2540 for the earthquake victims in various earthquake affected community outside valley and here in the valley. And our project continues even now.

Any challenges that you faced in the field level activities?

Yes, there are challenges. But the pride we carry today is way on top of those challenges. Our team never backed down from those challenges, we always felt that this is an emergency hour and we need to work keeping people in our heart. However, there are some individual interests what comes sometimes as political agenda even during those hours of urgency. Also, sometimes we had challenges because of too many Government procedures we had to follow. But I totally understand the Government’s objective as well. Had Government have preparedness plan ready I do not think that many people had to suffer the way they did. We comprehended any challenges and we always work with positive attitude. Lots of people talked about weather, terrain and language as challenges but we never thought those were our challenges because this is our country we have to accept those difficulties as our own.

Is there any memorable incident or story that you would like to share?

Yes, there are many memorable things that I have seen and experienced in the field. However, I would like to share one touchy story of an old man of 70 who was our beneficiary. The old man stayed with 19 family members in their home. After the earthquake, most of his sons and their family moved away from the village leaving him alone all by himself. It was terrifying as he had no place to live and on top of that his family left him alone to add the pain. He was absolutely traumatized and was looking for ways to rebuild his house on his own. Luckily, CF provided me the shelter;"-the old man shared this story in a tea shop while I was out in the field full of tears and he hugged me-"You are the one who didn't leave me even in the difficult situation." After that incident, I was speechless. As I was coming back to office I thought that we are able to reach to the hearts of the people and these means a lot for what we initiated from foundation. Personally, it is an eternal satisfaction when I come home after a week trip to villages; my children are waiting for me with a smile in their face. And this is the real gift I have been receiving from this work.

What is the future plan of CF?

We have been searching for new sites with proper need assessment process. We always wanted to make sure that our Ashrya home should be provided to the most needy and vulnerable victims. Family with children, pregnant women, single woman, person with disability, seniors and family with low income or no income is in our priority list. Recent development of NRA has slowed down our process because NRA has proposed an idea of making only permanent shelter. Ours is a transition shelter. Monsoon has already arrived and there are people in villages that have no place to live. It takes times to make permanent shelters. Also I feel that the money pledged by NRA is not enough for permanent structure.

Do you want to say anything on behalf of your team and yourself about the Ashray Project?

Okay, I would like to thank all of those beneficiaries who made our initiation successful by accepting the shelters proposed by us. Especially I would like thank all those national and international donors. Without their help and support we could not have finish this on our own. Also, I am thankful for my CG Tel teams who have been working tirelessly in the remote areas till today. I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the foundation and I hope our donors and partners continue to support us for sustainable development of the community we are working in. I sincerely thank foundation team to give this opportunity to express my views about the project. At , CG we are touching life everyday.