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Newsletter Vol 01 No. 01
August 01 - October 31, 2016

From Foundation’s Desk

Chaudhary foundation is the social intitiative of Chaudhary Group. Its vision is to be a leading contributor to Corporate Social Responsibility in the region. Our approach comprises Society, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and the Environment. Foundation is proudly serving the community under various Livelihood & Skill Development programs, Enterprise Development, Education, Heritage & Spiritual Development programs and Disaster Response.

It has been an amazing journey post earthquake to build almost 2600 transition shelters so far. It is an honor to be working with many organizations globally and nationally. What an opportunity for us to be connected with so many beautiful hearts across the world who helped us reaching us this far. Once, again on behalf of Chaudhary foundation we’d like to thank all of our partners who visited us and those affected by earthquake, to all those who visited the community along with our team and work hand in hand and we would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all our friends and partners who sent help and support in expanding the horizon of humanity...

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Celebration of World Social Business Day!!!
28 June 2016

CG-Nepal Social Business (CG NSB), the social business development unit of Chaudhary Group (CG), in facilitation of Chaudhary Foundation (CF), the philanthropic arm of CG took the opportunity to observe World Social Business Day. We invited participants and guests from various organizations comprising of the government, development, and corporate sectors to be a part of this event where selected student participants exhibited their creativity on social business through various performances in presence of high level dignitaries, national and international partners, and President of Chaudhary Group Mr. Binod.K.Chaudhary. The event also highlighted the MOU signing with National Microenterprises Federation of Nepal for our project Unnati, the skill development and livelihood program...

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A successful orientation day on Social Business by CG NSB

On June 14th 2016, Awareness/ Orientation and Workshop program was conducted at Campion College, Kupondole by CGNSB staffs. In this event, participation was registered by students from 5 different schools and representatives from the Arts and Management faculty of these schools. As suggested by the title of the program, the objective of this one-day program was to introduce students about the essence and importance of social business and to induce in them the spirit to spread awareness of the discussed topics.

Chaudhary Group as a responsible organization, values the importance of social business that focuses on tackling social problems; and it aims to build and develop a strong, diversified portfolio of viable social businesses for funding and investment. So, with the intention to catalyze social business movement in Nepal through awareness raising activities, we, the CGNSB staff, constructed a program, targeted at school children—the future leaders, to spread awareness that CG is an organization that aims to identify and nurture potential social businesses with high social impacts.

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Kigali Hotel

We are able to reach to the hearts of the people:

Rannu Sharma

Rannu Sharma is a telecom engineer who has been working in CG Telecom, one of the business wings of Chaudhary Group since 2004 as a project manager. After the devastating earthquake Mr. Sharma is actively involved in arranging field level activities to accomplish the task of constructing the transitional shelters for the earthquake victims under CG Ashraya Project. Mr. Sharma is managing human resources, logistics and coordination with staffs in the village for successful execution of transition shelter. This project has already constructed more than 2500 transition shelter and handed over to the victims of the earthquake. CG Communication team met with Mr. Rannu about his experiences, challenges and excitement about the project.

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Mending Hearts
- Chaudhary Foundation

Kanchhi Khatri

“Bereft of happiness I was last year, I healed myself with a consoling heart,

The same year bereft of love I was, I healed myself yet again with a consoling heart,

But this year bereft of heart I am, how will I heal now…howdo I heal now…”

“The relevance of social business is very high in the context of Nepal. It can be immensely effective to bring economic and social changes in the country,” Chaudhary stated, speaking at a ceremony organised by the Chaudhary Foundation here today to celebrate the Seventh World Social Business Day.

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Social Business in Dolpo:

- The journey of beginning

“Would you like to come with me?” was the question posed out of the blue to Rigjin by a man whom he had always respected. It was no surprise that Rigjin was struck by this question for a while, as it was posed by a man visiting Dolpa and who was no other than Mr. Binod Chaudhary. The state of perplexity surrounded him. When Rigjin heard about Mr. Chaudhary and his team’s visit to Dolpa, he decided to travel from his village and camp overnight to meet them...

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