Harvard Business School Case study on Chaudhary Foundation

Jul 5, 2019

“Chaudhary Group: Rebuilding Nepal” is the case study done by Christopher J. Malloy, Lauren H. Cohen and Inakshi Sobti and is published in Harvard Business School publishing site. This case study is published on 25th March 2018.
The massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 Richter scale in 2015 rattled Nepal to its very core, which killed nearly 9,000 and destroyed over 750,000 homes across the country. The study is about how a billion-dollar conglomerate Mr. Binod Chaudhary, chairman of Chaudhary Group in Nepal, decides to play a pivotal role in rebuilding the country with its social initiative, -Chaudhary foundation. The case study focuses on how a billionaire can be dedicated onto social work, how he along with a team continually worked with stakeholders to make an impact in people’s lives and how he found many ways to internalize social issues. The Group’s philanthropic arm (Chaudhary Foundation) started immediate response with relief camps and relief distribution and with building transitional shelters. The team responded with 1000+ food packs along with 8 relief camps and built 2500+ transitional shelters that benefitted more than 12000 people.