Chaudhary Foundation, in partnership with LG, to create digital classrooms in rural Nepal

Feb 8, 2019

Nepal (October 21, 2018) — Three schools in Sindhupalchowk and Nawalparasi have received digital classrooms so far as a part of the Chaudhary Foundation’s Quality Schools Program, which aims to teach students technical skills through the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum.

The digital classrooms are donated to the local K–12 school, where students and teachers will go through a series of trainings to become competent with technology. Half of the digital classroom supplies are given at the start of the program and once they’ve passed the required trainings, they receive the rest.

“With the Quality Schools Program, Chaudhary Foundation aims to upgrade the quality education among the rural community schools by introducing digital classroom and skills development programs through which the foundation supports digital equipments like Laptops, Desktop computers, TVs, projectors and internet service,” said Ashesh Baral, the project manager.

The Quality Schools Program is an initiative that focuses on bettering education and making it more accessible to students in rural Nepal. Beyond the digital classrooms, the program has also donated drinking water filtration systems to five schools and has plans to give another five within the year.

“We believe that the definition of ‘educated’ is not restricted just in having academic knowledge,” said Baral. “To be educated in today’s world is to be competent in the use of computers, have an access to internet facilities and digital lifestyles and to have proficiency in English language, as well.”

At least six more schools will also receive digital classrooms within the upcoming year.