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Chaudhary Foundation is dedicated to sustainably developing Nepal.
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Chaudhary Foundation feels a strong sense of responsibility towards society and strives to build a better, healthier Nepal. We are committed to improving lives and strengthening our communities.

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सीजी फाउन्डेसनद्वारा बारा र रौतहटका अस्पताललाई अक्सिजन कन्सन्ट्रेटर सहयोग

३१ जेठ, वीरगञ्ज । चौधरी ग्रुपद्वारा स्थापित सीजी फाउन्डेसनले बारा र रौतहटका दुई सरकारी अस्पताललाई चार थान अक्सिजन कन्सन्ट्रेटर सहयोग गरेको छ ।

Chaudhary Foundation’s Vice-Chair Nirvana Chaudhary Hands Over 18-bed ICU Ward To Bir Hospital

Chaudhary Foundation today handed over the newly set up ICU ward at the country’s oldest BirHospital to the hospital management. The Foundation has established the ICU ward to support the treatment of people infected by the second wave of Covid-19.

Chaudhary Foundation to donate $1 mln to help Nepal fight COVID

New Delhi, May 18 (PTI) Chaudhary Foundation, CSR arm of the CG Corp Global, on Tuesday said it will donate over USD 1 million (around Rs 7.3 crore) to combat the second wave of COVID-19 in Nepal.